The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) officially recognized the Philippine National Volleyball Federation Inc. (PNVFI) as its member during the 37th World Volleyball Congress held online late Sunday.

One hundred and fifty five national federations approved the PNVFI’s recognition where 171 votes were cast from a possible 191. Three voted “No”, 13 abstained and 20 votes were not received.

The Congress also voted for the expulsion of the Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) from the FIVB membership as the country’s national federation where 138 voted “Yes”, 16 voted “No”, 15 abstained and 22 votes were not received.

The FIVB also sought its members in the PNVFI’s elections last Jan. 25, asking if they recognize the proceedings held last Jan. 25 at the East Ocean Palace Restaurant in ParaƱaque City.

One hundred and fifty-one voted “Yes”, five voted “No”, 16 abstained and 18 votes were not received.

PNVFI officers thanked the FIVB and its members for their support.

“We now proudly banner the honor and the responsibility of being affiliated to both the international federation and the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC),” said PNVFI President Tats Suzara.

Suzara also thanked FIVB President Dr. Ary Graca, AVC President Rita Subowo, Philippine Olympic Committee President Bambol Tolentino and Secretary General Edwin Gastanes.

“Now our work begins to fulfill our singular commitment to all stakeholders. At PNVFI, we serve volleyball,” Suzara said.

The POC organized the elections last month in compliance with the FIVB request to unify the association.

Besides Suzara, the other officials of the PNVFI are Arnel Hajan (vice president), Ariel Paredes (chairman) Donaldo Caringal (secretary general), Rod Roque (treasurer), Yul Benosa (auditor) and board members Ricky Palou, Tony Boy Liao, Karl Chan, Charo Soriano, Carmela Gamboa, Fr. Vic Calvo and Atty. Wharton Chan. 

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