The Zamboanga Valientes MLV team with muse Empress Schuck

Seeking to retain the legacy it built for 20 years, the Zamboanga Valientes MLV have vowed to continue backing up Zamboangueño athletes in different sports especially in these trying times caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Founded by the late businessman Lando Navarro, the Zamboanga Valientes have been bankrolling homegrown talents in basketball, softball, weightlifting and recently 3×3 basketball. 

His wife Cory Navarro and Mike Venezuela of MLV Accounting Australia are carrying on the great cause. 

“Here in Valientes we will continue supporting our homegrown players in various sports. For 20 years, we’ve been able to produce a champion in a national softball tournament in 2002 during my husband’s time and we are doing it in other sports as well,” said Cory Navarro.

“We want to help our fellow Zamboangueños,” she added. 

The partnership between the two big companies has seen the success of Zamboangueño basketball players in the just-concluded Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas 3×3 in Calamba, Laguna. 

Bannered by Rudy Lingganay, Arar De Leon, Jonjon Rebollos, Gino Jumaoas and Med Salim, the Zamboanga Valientes MLV made it to the semifinals of the opening leg and fought their way to the playoffs in the next legs. 

“Their amazing run brought so much pride and of honor to the City of Zamboanga for the entire tournament. It was a hard and tough race represented by all the homegrown players,” said Cory. 

“This also opened  the door of opportunities for aspiring ballers in Zamboanga City, clearly they are the top priority for future leagues. 
Besides the Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas 3×3, the Zamboanga Valientes MLV will also participate in the National Basketball League next year. 

The Valientes have supported Olympic weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz in her program of providing shoes to aspiring weightlifters. 

They have aided boxers in former WBO oriental lightweight champion Anthony Marcial, former world title challenger Jonas Sultan and Matthew Arcillas, and also brought Jumaoas and Arao-ouf Julkipli in the UAAP as well as Jonathan Parreno in the PBA. 

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