GM Joey Antonio
GM Joey Antonio

Grandmaster Joey Antonio showed why he is the Filipino Ironman of online chess as he topped two tournaments recently including the 77th Mobile Chess Club Philippines Arena.

The 58-year-old Antonio tied for first with New York-based GM Mark Paragua with 14 points but ended up with the higher tiebreaker, 133.25-126.5, to rule the 17-round tournament.

Paragua, who spearheaded the Philippine team to the quarterfinals of the Asian Nations Online Chess Cup, went on a scoring rampage by registering 13.5 points in the last 14 rounds but fell short.

The reigning national bullet king was slowed down by a first-round draw and two defaults in the second and third round.

It was the second time Antonio edged Paragua for the crown after ruling in the qualifying leg of the Philippine Chess Association of the Philippines, the country’s first pro chess league, over the weekend.

In the tournament, both wound up with 10.5 points in 12 rounds but again, it was Antonio, the 2020 Asian Seniors titlist, who ended up with the better tiebreak, 78.25-25.75.

FIDE Master Narquinden Reyes was third with 10 points.

It was also the tournament that saw the participation of GM Oliver Barbosa, who is also based in the United States.

Barbosa, who is seeking to return to national team duties, was fourth with 9.5 points as he bested Elan Asuela and International Masters Chito Garma and Ronald Dableo after tiebreaks were applied.

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