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The success of James De los Santos in four of eight leagues in e-kata tournaments made it possible for the former national team member to move to No. 1 spot in the world ranking.

The 30-year-old De los Santos took the No. 1 spot in the e-kata male senior’s category world ranking with 8950 points, while Portugal’s Eduardo Garcia has been relegated to No. 2 with 8575 points.

His ascent to the top was a product of his impressive showings in various leagues, including the Golden League Karate e-Tournament Series, the E-Kata Karate Games and the E-Champions Trophy World Series, and the Okinawa E-Tournament World Series.

“Besides the main e-kata World Rankings, there are eight different leagues – with rankings too. Out of these eight league rankings, I’m currently No. 1 in four of them,” De los Santos said.

In the Okinawa World Series, De los Santos has 435 points, followed by Matias Moreno Domont of Switzerland (315), while tied for third are Abdellatif Choukri of Morocco and Nejc Sternisa of Slovenia (165), and at fifth are Silvio Cerone-Biagioni of South Africa, Botond Nagy of Hungary, David Gannon of Ireland and Ayoub Lakhfoufi of Morocco (165).

In the E-Kata Games, he leads with 750 points, while Murilo Alves of Brazil is in second place (330), Sternisa at third (285), while at 4th-5th are Iran’s Hossein Tani and Luxembourg Kevin Petry (165).

In the E-Champions Trophy World Series, De los Santos has 405 points, ahead of Domont at second (285), followed by Hugh Connolly of Ireland and Scott Taylor of Canada (165), while Cerone-Biagioni share fifth with Abdellah Ouchene of Morocco and Alfredo Bustamante of the US (105).

In the Golden League, the online karate sensation has 570 points, followed by Alvez (510), Domont (390), Cerone-Biagioni (255) and Bustamante (240).

In the other four leagues, De los Santos is in the Top 10.

He is at second spot in the E tournament World Series, fourth in the Adidas Karate World Open Series, fifth in the Katana Inter-Continental League Series, and No. 8 in the Shureido World League.

These four e-kata leagues have Garcia – the world No. 2 – at the top position. However, because he is not in the top ranking in the other four leagues, that allowed De los Santos to accumulate more points.

That, according to De los Santos, is what he intends to do to keep the No. 1 ranking for the rest of 2020.

“I may be No. 1 right now, but I’m not done,” said De los Santos, who is in the quarterfinal of the Katana Inter-Continental League Series. “I have to maintain it by joining the remaining tournaments for the rest of the year.”

“Another reason – why I’ll continue maintaining No. 1 – it’s unconfirmed, but I heard there is an award for the grand winner of the e-kata World Rankings.”

This month, De los Santos ruled the Golden League Karate e-Tournament Series 2, Venice Cup 2020, the Okinawa E-Tournament World Series, the 1st Euro Grand Prix, and the 2nd e-Karate Games 2020.

Last month, he won the Tokaido Maribor Open eTournament, the 4th SportData eTournament World Series, the Hatamoto Kai Mitad Del Mundo E-Tournament, the E-Champions Trophy World Series, the Miyamoto Musashi Five Rings and the 2nd Dutch Open E-Tournament.

De los Santos also dominated the e-Karate Games 2020 and the Athletes E-Tournament last August, the Balkan Open eTournament in July, the Korokotta Cup last June and the Palestine International Karate Cup last April.

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