Photo from Kaisaya Facebook page

Professional player and shoutcaster Em “Kaisaya” Dangla advocates for a safer workplace in the Philippine esports industry as fellow caster Zeus Torquator left the scene in the wake of an alleged sexual harassment issue pressed against him. 

“I only hope that everyone will work in creating a real professional and safe workplace for the Philippine esports. We are not clowns. We are not disgusting. Let us make ourselves and our industry worthy of being called professionals,” said Dangla in a message sent to the Manila Bulletin on Monday night. 

Dangla on Saturday broke her silence about an unpleasant experience in the growing industry, claiming that she did not get justice from a case she filed against ex-boyfriend Aron Laxamana and Torquator almost two years ago after caster Shin Boo Ponferrada backed out as a testifier. (Related article) 

Numerous local esports organizations and personalities have since made statements condemning any form of sexual abuse and harassment in the scene, and have thrown their support and commended Dangla for speaking up. 

Torquator’s sister sent a lengthy message to the Manila Bulletin defending him.

Torquator finally spoke about the issue through a Facebook post on Monday night and revealed that he would be stepping out of esports for the meantime. 

“As much as I want to ask for another chance and prove that my downfalls do not reflect my character as a whole, after considering hateful comments that mentally and emotionally affect not just me but the people I love the most, I made a decision for myself and the people I love. I am leaving the esports community at the moment.” 

Dangla said she was glad of Torquator’s decision and even wished him good luck while he is taking his time out of the industry. 

“My initial reaction was that I’m glad he stepped down. I sent him a private message sending him good luck in his future endeavors and hoping he will learn from his mistakes.” 

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