Arena of Valor player and shoutcaster Em “Kaisaya” Dangla broke her silence about an alleged sexual harassment experience which involved other esports personalities. (Photo from Kaisaya Facebook page)

Em “Kaisaya” Dangla, a professional gamer and shoutcaster, opened up about an alleged sexual harassment incident she had experienced which involved other esports personalities. 

“It’s almost two years since I was denied from receiving justice when I was crying for help because of the sexual harassment that I experienced in the esports industry,” Kaisaya said in a lengthy Facebook post on Sunday. 

Kaisaya revealed that copies of her private video with ex-boyfriend Aron Laxamana were allegedly distributed by caster Zeus Torquator to other people. 

The captain of Liyab Esports’ Arena of Valor Haliya team said that she filed a case against Laxamana and Zeus last February 2019. 

However, the complaint did not push through as caster Shinboo Ponferrada, who was supposed to testify, backed out. 

Kaisaya said her confession was triggered by Ponferrada’s Facebook comment against Zeus regarding the recent issue involving the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Dota 2 communities. 

“Zeus Torquator, awit bongklinks. I remember refusing to testify against you, dahil tropa pa rin ako despite ng nangyari and also recommending the team na ibalik ka sa MPL, tapos mananabla ka ng ganyan,” Ponferrada’s comment reads. 

Ponferrada shared his side through a Facebook post. 

“I have no intentions of blackmailing Zeus but I am truly disappointed by him back as a professional and recently as a friend. I am not angry with Em nor will deny her accusation and the judgement of others,” he said. 

“It was a lapse in judgement on my part years ago.”  

Zeus has yet to release a statement, but his talent agency Luponwxc has already taken action by suspending him from his casting duties.

Other esports personalities have also thrown their all-out support on Kaisaya and called for an end to unruly behaviors in the esports scene. 

“Liyab Esports supports Kaisaya for coming forward, and commends her bravery in doing so. We in the esports community strongly condemn these acts, and are ready to provide support to those who are affected.”  

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